~ Real Engagement ~ Mary Elizabeth + Will

I'm so excited to share just a few photos from Mary Elizabeth + Will's engagement session at Piedmont Park! These two met in senior year of high school and have been dating for 7 years now. Last New Year's Eve, Will proposed to Mary Elizabeth while horseback riding on a friend's farm in Royston, GA...so sweet! I'm so excited to capture their wedding day this December!

Q&A with the Bride-to-Be:

How did you meet and how long have you dated? We met in high school. We had homeroom and first period together, senior year  (Ms. William’s AP lit). It took him half the year to ask me out :) We have been dating going on 7 years in December. 

Tell us the story of the proposal, please include the location and details. We got engaged on New Years Eve last year at Will’s friend’s farm in Royston, GA. We were coming in from a wedding of his close friends from college. He knew that I love to ride the horses when we are at the farm, so he set up a horseback ride for us.  (Will totally forgot about the concussion I had earlier in the year on horseback.) We rode a little bit (I was terrified) and his friend started talking about how Will’s stirrup was a bit messed up and he needed to adjust it. So we all stopped on top of this beautiful hill overlooking the property.  I was staying on my horse because I knew if I got off I would not get back on. Will’s friend, David, finally convinced me to get down. I was turned with my back to Will talking to my horse trying to convince him to be nice to me when I heard this creaking behind me. I turned around and there was Will on one knee. I was so excited! 

What do you love to do together? We love to adventure together! (hiking, exploring, and trying new foods)

Do you have a funny, romantic, or touching story about your relationship? Will asked me to senior prom playing a game of hangman with our whole first period class. It was super cute!